Welcome to Coal Harbor Newfoundlands.

My late husband and I bought our first Newfoundland Harry from Tippecanoe 10? years ago. He was just going to be another family member but, well, Harry became my passion.

I was advised to join the Newfoundland Club of America and the local club NCSC came a few years later. They helped me to know just what a good owner and exhibitor should know. I started with grooming, obedience, and confirmation.

The importance of proper health clearances was stressed and along with thatinformation, I studied pedigrees and what who have produced. This helps in deciding which dogs are best for breeding etc. I learned to always get another opinion from someone that has been at it years longer than myself.

I take great pride in the way I raise my pups and I do it in my house so they can better learn how to behave and get all my time and love.

I screen breeding prospects for many problems. I do a board certified cardiologist heart clearance, OFA thyroid, hips, elbows, and patella?s. They are cleared for cystinuria. I am responsible for them for life and they each have a microchip.

We moved to Southern Oregon two and a half years ago to have more land. We are conveniently located between Sacramento and Portland and just 10 minutes from the Medford Airport.

Potential puppy buyers will be screened and pups are sold on a Limited Registration. A written guarantee is given and any after sale support you may need for life. I strongly advise my puppy buyers to join a local club if possible to learn more from others lucky enough to share their lives with a newy.

My goal is for you to be happy with your new family member and myself.


Please contact me: Laurel Lomas

Central Point, Oregon

(541)778 1017